Our Our West Haven, CT Pediatric Podiatrist Specializes in Children's Foot & Ankle Conditions




Treatments for pediatric foot and ankle deformities with non-invasive practices. Conditions treated include: Pes Planovalgus Deformities, Metatarsus Adductus, Calcaneal Valgus, and Sever’s Disease.


Starting at birth, West Haven Foot & Ankle Center recommends parents observe their child’s foot and ankle development. Be aware of your child’s walking pattern, recurring foot pain, and swelling.

Children are susceptible to foot and ankle issues due to always being on the move, rapid growth of their feet, and being in contact with germs and unclean surfaces. Due to these factors, children have the potential to develop foot conditions that will need to be addressed by a podiatrist.

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Common pediatric foot and ankle conditions include:

Depending on your child’s foot and ankle condition, treatments can include pediatric orthotics, braces, prescription shoes, physical therapy, or even out-patient surgery.

Children's feet should not hurt. if your son or daughter is complaining of foot pain, schedule an appointment with our Foot & Ankle Doctor for an evaluation and help them enjoy healthy happy feet in the years ahead.




Flatfeet is a common, painless condition where your arches don’t develop as a child. In some cases, flatfeet can develop after an injury or from age. Treatment isn’t necessary if you aren’t experiencing pain.

Those with pain require further treatment as your podiatrist sees fit. Symptoms include pain in the heel or arch & swelling on the inside of the ankle.

What types of treatments are available for people with Flatfeet by Dr. Lazarus?

  • Dr. Lazarus may recommend one or more of many different treatments for Flatfeet, depending on its severity. Often, treatment is conservative and may include stretching, physical therapy, and the use of foot orthotics. In most cases, pain is manageable using an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory, though your doctor may recommend steroid injections for the relief of severe pain. 

If you think you have a flatfeet, book an appointment today with our practice, West Haven Foot & Ankle Center to discuss and implement a comprehensive treatment plan.